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He’s summoning Satan

or maybe he’s just warming his paws because they’re cold 

No, he’s a cat. He is definitely summoning Satan.

remember when shakira filmed a video from inside her vagina
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I guarantee you, the woman has packed all her stuff, plus her kids’ stuff, plus all the shit her husband forgot to pack. Five minutes into their vacation, dude will be cursing because he forgot something important, and his wife will be like, “Here it is. I thought you’d need it, so I packed it, along with all of your underwear, socks, swimsuit, toothbrush, and deodorant because apparently you confused our family trip to Disney World with an overnight couple’s stay at a nudist colony. You’re welcome.”
Laugh it up, assholes. Without us, you’d be wearing the same underwear three days straight, including poolside.

Fucking right


neck kissing is honestly the hottest, most seductive thing anybody could ever do to me. if you kiss my neck, if you playfully bite my neck, if your tongue touches my neck i will melt in your fingertips.

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This is what it is like when you get past you fears and all of the “what ifs” which plague you…doesn’t it make you want to BECOME!!

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I noticed one night, at like around four minutes before five am, that it’s damn near 100% possible that I have an addiction to people. Not that I’m some sort of delinquent but I’m amidst coming to terms with my obsession for this very hypocritical species I have so strangely been deemed “apart” of.

Addiction | Obession..

.. Like, for some fucking reason my natural state of mind cannot function around pandemonium & yet it is that very same chaos that decorates humanity as tangible — so inevitably saveable with the obvious consequence that is — sacrificing myself in the process.

Sure, I’m rambling but what I mean is that just by examining my life’s progress I know us people are some fucked up creatures & yet it’s that fucked up edge that lures the adrenaline of jumpers, no?

We like the crazy, no? 
It’s how life becomes “life” really..

It’s the shit that people are capable of that makes me so fond of getting mixed up in wanting to know the history of it all, the back story, the hidden messages, the bloodlines, the foreseen potential, the limitless progress, the desinigrated fault lines, the corrupted support beams, the demented truths, and the always available opportunity to pick & choose what defines happiness..

I’m a fucking writer and I’ll always be until the day that I die because I’ll forever be inspired by the one thing I’ll never understand — people.

& It’s ironic that I’m willing to be fooled into thinking any of this actually matters. After all, once it’s really really really all said & done, will woman & man have actually been real enough, compared to whatever the definition of real is, that all this effort to make us more than what we are changes the fact that there is both science & religion..

Truth be told, if you think about it … shit if I think about it, help is only necessary if there is a problem..

I have not been able to pray hard enough to exist outside of needing people who need people.. who create people that need people whom have needs…

For this I am sorry.

Perhaps, if no one is saved and or if everyone is.. It will be revealed that each galaxy is actually a home waiting for our soul & death is merely birth relapsing & the time that it takes us to realize it all is what personalizes faith as a journey after all..



Insightful Rambling..

— Renelle

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We didn’t even have Spring this year, we had Winter, second Winter, and jumped straight into the fucking sweat of Satan’s ballsack. 

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((The ability to appreciate and evaluate human aesthetic is not determined by your sexuality))


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